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My name is Katrin Silva. I am originally from Germany, but have lived in New Mexico for twenty-plus years. My two passions are horses and ultra marathons.

This blog is about my wonderfully chaotic running life, its many ups and downs, the blissful experiences, epic challenges, and moments of misery.  Ultrarunning is a fascinating sport, full of inspiring people and beautiful scenery.  Everyone’s life is a short adventure. I invite you to follow mine for a while.


13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Troy K Childers

    Enjoyed reading some of your posts, thanks for your perspiration and grit! I’m a type 1 diabetic (celebrating 40 years 11/2016) trying to figure out blood sugar combo regimens to get through trail 1/2s and hopefully to trail full and then…Also, I’m new to running, just started getting serious this year, 2016.
    Good luck out there, maybe see you out on the trails some day.
    Troy from Santa Fe, NM

    1. silvakat Post author

      Hey Troy, welcome to the wonderful world of trail running! You might run into me on the. Dale Ball trails, or on Atalaya. Good luck!

  2. adamhaesler

    Hi Katrin
    This was fantastic but for myself I do not even need alcohol to be seduced by the pretty shiny UltraSignup website!

    Hope your training us going well.

    Catchya later!

    1. Katrin

      Hi Adam, thanks for reading it – I know what you mean. Ultrasignup has an intoxicating effect all by itself! Happy training, Kat

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